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FXC/FXCQ Ceiling

FXC and FXCQ ceiling speakers feature a traditional 3/8" mounting flange, but by using a thin aluminum material instead of plastic, the speakers provides an almost flush mounted look - a preferred visual for many clients. These models are great for retrofit installations as well as new construction for everything from surrounds, additional room stereo, and outdoor use.

The FXC models utilize coaxial drivers with a single aluminum dome tweeter while the FXCQ feature our Quad-Array tweeter and separate woofer.  The new Quad Array tweeter was designed to provide higher output, less distortion and greater dispersion which helps direct the sound at listeners for excellent stereo performance, even in rooms with speakers mounted in less than perfect locations.  All woofers feature aluminum cones with Santoprene™ rubber surrounds and every system utilizes a precision multi-element network to ensure smooth frequency response.

All models are constructed of marine/aircraft grade aluminum for reliability for indoor and outdoor applications.  Also, all models are closed back to minimize rear radiation and provide consistent performance from location to location.

These models can be ordered as marine models.

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