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SA Series Technology

The Small Aperture Series features a number of unique technology in order to produce such stunning performance from a 3" opening (or 4" in the case of the subwoofer models).

Sa subwoofer

Subwoofer Backbox

The main "preconstruction" housing is actually the subwoofer section of the SA full range models.  This is installed prior to the ceiling or wall being covered over with sheetrock or other materials.  Numerous trim rings are available to provide installation in sheetrock or solid surface finishes, and in round and square configurations.  Retrofit trim kits are also available for drop ceiling installation.  Before the subwoofer is covered, it should be fully tested to ensure the wiring is correct and that there are no loose screws or other sources of rattles.  Once the surface is installed and finished, the mid/high module can be installed.

63sam 7

Mid/High Module

The mid/high frequency module is a engineering work of art.  Made from die-cast aluminum, the module is rugged and dimensional precise.  It has a custom designed 2" midrange driver with an aluminum cone and neodymium motor structure.  It is located just behind the 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter, producing a true coaxial design.  The precise crossover is located inside the subwoofer module, allowing the module to cover the 250 Hz to 22 kHz frequency range with outstanding dispersion.  The subwoofer covers the low octaves form 38 Hz to 250 Hz.


Proprietary Transducers

All of James transducers are proprietary, unique  and designed by James engineers.  This allows all performance parameters to be optimized to the specific system and application.  Also, special attention can be paid to ensuring marine grade reliability in the selected materials.  For example, James used anodized aluminum woofer cones and tweeter diaphragms and Santoprene composite automotive rubber for the surrounds - ensuring resistance to ozone, salt and temperature extremes.  Also, all frames are die-cast aluminum for years of trouble-free use.

For performance enhancements, James utilizes over size voice coils for increased power handling and reliability.

Sa protection

Protection System

The full range SA models feature built in protection to ensure long life and reliability, regardless of the abuse supplied by the amplifier or user.  Two systems are used.

Newer models, like the 42SA-4, 63SA-7HO, 63SA-8HO.8 and 53SA-7, feature a built-in protection circuit that does not turn off the speaker, but rather starts reducing the power once the limit is reached.  Generally, users do not even hear this affect in use.  This makes these models more suited for surrounds where having the sound stop when over driven, would affect the home theater experience.  This protection is built-in and not adjustable.

In the 63SA-4 model, this takes the form of a auto resetting circuit breaker.  Once the preset level is reached, the breaker will trip.  A red LED comes on and is visible inside the port area and the speaker becomes very quiet.  Once the volume is reduced, the breaker will reset and the speaker will come back on. The protection level offered by the breaker can be changed by replacing the circuit breaker with a different value and is accessable at the end of the cable once the mid/high module is removed - this is shown in the photo.  Obviously, reducing the protection for more sound level does increase the risk of damage so caution is advised.


63sa7 with spacers

Flexibility and Consistency

The SA design also accomodates a wide range of wall/ceiling material thickness, from 1/2" sheetrock and greater.  By using spacing rings, the trim kit can be spaced further and further from the the cabinet body.  We have gone through 4" material with NO change in performance.  The design of the tuning system keeps the sub section tuned to the same frequency for consistant bass response and the mid/high module is always at the surface level for wide dispersion and best frequency response.

Standard lighting fixtures

Fitting In

Most SA models have an alternate 4" diameter screw pattern which allows the use of any stanfard 4 inch lighting trim kit.  This allows SA speakers to perfectly match lights in the room.  Simply send in your lighting trim kit for us to design a grille and integration method to our cabinet.

Trim square 2

Attention To Detail

James attention to detail shows in all James products.  As seen in the photo, the SA square trim kits have elongated holes so they provide about 5 degrees of adjustment to allow the trim be be squared up with walls, other speaker trims or light fixtures.  A 4" standard screw pattern is also on the face to allow the use of industry lighting trim kits - so matching the look of lighting in the room became easy.  James can also custom fabricate special trim kits if desired.

Sa custom

Custom, Custom, Custom

Even thought he SA series has almost limitless options, there are times James needs to even customize an SA.  Changes in depth, width or length are common, and even moving the location of the mid/high module can be done - see photo.  Contact James to dicuss your custom needs.

Sa grillterracotta900

Putting It All Together

Obviously, the proof is always in the final result - and SA Series covers it all - outstanding performance and small discreet openings. The sound is stunning and the owners are always ecstatic, the look is perfect and the designers and architects always smile.   Who says you can't please all of the people all of the time!

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