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Toekicks (PowerPipes)

James Loudspeaker’s line of power pipe subwoofers has revolutionized the idea of integrated full-range audio. Along with this incredible line of subwoofers comes an even more versatile variety of esthetic options to match your subwoofer port to any look you want. These standard and custom toekicks are designed to be the adapter piece between the power pipe subwoofer of your choice and the esthetic you’re looking for. With over 100 custom designs and counting, we offer a number of shapes and sizes to cater to each and every application. Whether you’re looking to match an HVAC vent, your Small Aperture series speakers, or simply blend in with the surrounding material, there’s a toekick design that perfectly matches your construction. Plus, if we don’t already have what you’re looking for, we’ll make a custom one just for you. No matter what project you’re working on, if you need powerful bass with zero visual impact, we have what you need. The term "toekick" came from the first PowerPipe subwoofers where the port was designed to fit nicely in the toekick area in the front of a cabinet. Today, the term include all versions of ports used for PowerPipe subwoofers.

Understanding toekick model numbers. Let's take an example - TK4-3x14-6. Models start with the "TK" designation for Toe Kick. The next character is a number and indicates the diameter of the tube or hose. We have used 3,4 and 8 inch tubes. If the 4th character is an "S", this indicates a "straight through" design, meaning no 90 degree bend. No "S" present indicates it is a 90 degree connection. The next group of numbers, such as 3x14, is an approximate port opening in inches. These are approximate dimensions, always check the drawings in the download section. Finally, on some toekicks there is a final dash number, such as "-6". This indicates the approximate distance from the front of the toe kick to the edge of the exit flange. So if you need to go through a 4" stud wall, you need at least a -6 since the wall thick would be approximately 0.5" + 3.5" + 0.5" = 4.5" including sheetrock on both sides.

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