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Mason Boxes

Sometimes a James outdoor or marine speaker can get specified for installation in a stone or rock wall. To facilitate ease of installation, and service if ever required, James produces CUSTOM mason boxes as required. Since each wall installation can have uniquely different construction (all rock, cinder block/rock veneer, etc), and a uniquely different required appearance (flush, oversize proud grille, etc) almost all mason boxes are designed to order.  Generally, due to the difficulty in keeping the mason box edge hidden, and creating a perfect cut in the rock, an oversize proud grille is used. This can include conduit locations, mudding flanges etc.

Installation examples can be seen by clicking on any mason box product.

Samples shown in this category are for illustration only.  You need to contact James to discuss the specific mason box design you will need for your particular wall construction.  Please complete the "Mason Box Order Form" to ensure James has all the details and send to Tech/Application Support on the contact page.

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