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  • Amplifiers

    A2.1rev2 perspective

    Every audio system requires an amplifier, and James Loudspeaker provides a wide variety of different amplifiers to cater to each and every system. Whether you’re putting together a home theat...Read more

  • Angled Baffle

    Fxa550s iso web

    Angled Baffle loudspeakers are preferred for specialized applications such as front L/C/R ceiling speakers or Atmos surrounds.

    ...Read more

  • Centergy Technology

    Custom ppt qx1

    James Loudspeaker’s Centergy Technology offers a unique solution for integrated three channel audio into two loudspeakers when its impossible to place Read more

  • DSP

    Cdi21200 front

    James Loudspeaker provides several options in processing capability through DSP calibration and integration. Whether you need a DSP to calibrate your entire system or just need the right signal man...Read more

  • Freestanding/In-Room


    As a custom speaker manufacturer, we don’t just make cookie cutter products. Along with several standard free-standing speakers, we offer free-standing versions of all our speakers as well as...Read more

  • Grille - Rectangle

    62asx front web

    All in-wall and ceiling speakers featuring a rectangular grille design.

    ...Read more

  • Grille - Round

    53sam front

    All in-wall and ceiling speakers featuring a round grille design.  Note, photos may only show one grille style.

    ...Read more

  • Grille - Square

    53sam front

    All in-wall and ceiling speakers featuring a square grille design.  Note, photos may only show one grille style.

    ...Read more

  • Landscape


    James Loudspeaker’s line of landscape speakers provides a versatile number of speakers built to cater to any outdoor application. Everything from Under-Eave speakers, to our signature All-Ter...Read more

  • Powered SoundBars

    Spl4qlr p

    Powered SoundBars with M102 Amplifier

    ...Read more

  • SoundBars

    C spl5qlrs

    James Loudspeaker is dedicated to raising the bar of entertainment system integrated audio. Our soundbars are completely customized for every project to ensure that each and every client gets exact...Read more

  • Subwoofers


    Any sound system can be made better with the addition of the right subwoofer. James Loudspeaker’s wide variety of subwoofers caters to almost any audio system. With sizes ranging from 6.5 inc...Read more

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