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Every audio system requires an amplifier, and James Loudspeaker provides a wide variety of different amplifiers to cater to each and every system. Whether you’re putting together a home theater, a simple stereo system, or a large scale distributed audio system, James Loudspeaker has what you need. With two of our own amplifiers as well as a wide selection of choices from Crown, we can provide the entire package of audio equipment, complete with the right amplifier to power your system. With both 70V amplifiers as well as low impedance amplifiers (4/8ohms) and even complete processing and amplification systems, no matter what scale your project is, we do the work for you. Rather than going to multiple sources for your speakers and amplifiers, we will provide you with the right amplifier to match our speakers, removing the hassle of finding the right amplifier and vendor. Whether you’re an audiophile or just looking for something basic to power your system, we have what you need.

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