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  • AL Series


    James AL series are in-room, bookshelf and wall mounted speakers designed for discrete placement indoors and outdoors.  Constructed of aircraft aluminum, they offer outstanding performance and...Read more

  • AT Series Satellites


    The AT (All-Terrain) Series is the signature landscape speaker line from James Loudspeaker. Available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs, AT Series outdoor speakers provide the perfect s...Read more

  • AT Series Systems

    65at4 iso web

    The AT (All-Terrain) Series is the signature landscape speaker line from James Loudspeaker. Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and output calabilties, AT Series outdoor systems pr...Read more

  • BE Reference Series

    806be front

    The BE Reference Series in-wall and freestanding speakers forge a no-compromise union between engineering excellence and sonic accuracy. From reproducing the most demanding and dynamic movie soundt...Read more

  • Cube Series


    The James Cube Series was developed for discrete bookshelf placement with excellent bass response. When installed in a bookshelf, rear passive radiators load off the rear of the bookshelf to extend...Read more

  • EMB Powered Subs

    Emb1000 web

    James Loudspeaker subwoofers have received critical acclaim from the most respected audio/video reviewers in the industry. The EMB Series subwoofers deliver solid performance and value unmatched in...Read more

  • EMB II Subwoofers

    C df1010 web

    The new EMB Series II subwoofers represents James' culmination of luxurious design and high performance combined with a new and radical departure in cosmetics and cabinet design from all previo...Read more

  • FXA/FXAQ In-Wall/Ceiling

    Fxa550s iso web

    James Loudspeaker is dedicated to providing the optimal performance solution for any application. The FXA series introduces a new design concept to the James Loudspeaker lineup by offering a ceilin...Read more

  • FXC/FXCQ Ceiling

    Fxc320r front wogrille

    FXC and FXCQ ceiling speakers feature a traditional 3/8" mounting flange, but by using a thin aluminum material instead of plastic, the speakers provides an almost flush mounted look - a prefe...Read more

  • Mavericks

    M122 ft webrgb

    Inspired by the legendary “Mavericks” surf of NorCal - Awesome, Powerful & Exciting! This large format hybrid horn system, was specifically developed for ultra-high output home theater applications wh...Read more

  • PD Pendants

    Pd320 webrgb

    The pendant series is James Loudspeaker’s line of hanging speakers designed for distributed audio systems. Using the same technology as the AT series landscape speakers, these versatile speak...Read more

  • PL3 SoundBars

    Pl3lcr 2 web

    The PL3 series is one of a variety of sound bar options offered by James Loudspeaker. As with all James sound bars, these speakers come completely customized for each individual application. Availa...Read more

  • PowerPipe Subwoofers


    James Loudspeaker PowerPipe subwoofers were created to solve an age-old problem; how to fill a space with rich, detailed bass frequencies without interfering with décor. With that hurdle in ...Read more

  • Omni Series

    Omni89at4 p iso web

    James Loudspeaker designs and manufactures innovative solutions to accommodate the best in outdoor audio experiences and provide superior outdoor home theaters. The Omni Series loudspeakers make&nb...Read more

  • OW Series (On-Wall)

    42ue ow

    At James Loudspeaker, we make a wide range of speakers designed for seamless integration into the environment. One of the many ways that we accomplish this is with on-wall style speakers. With ever...Read more

  • Q Series

    Q30 iso web

    The new “Q Series” redefines the in-room listening experience.  Primarily developed for hi-end two channel listening, these systems blend old classic design methodology with modern...Read more

  • QX Series

    Qx3cs set

    Custom means custom...let us build a solution for you. QX Series loudspeakers and custom soundBars combine elegant, modern styling with James Loudspeaker's legendary a...Read more

  • QXC/SXC Ceiling

    Grille round web

    QXC Series speakers combine elegant, modern style with James legendary audio performance. New border-less aluminum grilles that protrudes less than 3/16” (5mm) from the wall, giving these spe...Read more

  • SA Small Aperture®

    42sa 4 cutaway web

    The SA series provides unheard of performance from a small 3" or 4" round/square ceiling or in-wall opening. When properly installed, SA Se...Read more

  • SLT3 SoundBars

    Slt3c front web

    The SLT, or "Slot" series provides a special solution and performance for your home entertainment needs. Like all James sound bars, each bar comes completely customized for your TV. Not o...Read more

  • SPL3 SoundBars

    Brk spl3 un web

    The SPL3 Series was designed as the first available shallow bar to be 1.5" deep yet provide bass down to 80 Hz - an industry first and still unmatched.

    ...Read more

  • SPL5 SoundBars

    Spl5 bracket web2

    SPL5 Series SoundBars offer the best balance of high output, full range performance and size for medium to large displays

    ...Read more

  • SPL6 SoundBars

    Spl619lcr front

    SPL6 SoundBars were designed to be a no compromise sound source, providing high output and low distortion, for today's largest displays.  The SPL6 Series can outperform...Read more

  • SPL8 SoundBars

    Spl8lcr beq hires%28mock3%29

    The SPL8 Series is a James premier full range, high output SoundBar Series, ...Read more

  • SPLD SoundBars

    Img 0258

    The SPLD Series SoundBars are a very unique product designed to solve a unique problem - small available height.  The SPLD models have a very small height profile of only 1.58 inches for a min...Read more

  • ST Series Subwoofers


    The Sub-Terranean series of landscape subwoofers provides the perfect solution to integrated outdoor audio. Rather than simply putting a subwoofer somewhere where it compromises the aesthetic of th...Read more

  • UE Series (Under Eave)

    42ue ow

    James Under Eave speakers are designed to integrate in outdoor environments where mounting to a structure is required. Rather than see a bulky protruding All Terrain speaker mounted to the wall, we...Read more

  • Wedge Series

    Web 52qw group

    Boundry Mounted (corner of ceiling-wall juncture) speakers

    ...Read more

  • Custom Designs

    Front rotate web

    James Loudspeaker has the unique capability of designing and manufacturing totally custom solutions to your installation problems. This can be a simple as a special paint color, dimension change or...Read more

  • Discontinued Products

    63sas 7 front

    James Loudspeaker maintains full support information for all discontinued products.

    ...Read more

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