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SPL8Q/BEQ Soundbars

The SPL8Q Series is a James premier full range, high output soundbars series, designed for large format video displays requiring home theater performance. Representing the ultimate home entertainment sound system, this series offers a powerful punch in an elegantly designed package.

The SPL8Q Series uses James' quad tweeter array, configured in two versions. SPL8Q models use four 0.75” (19 mm) aluminum dome tweeters in a 22.5° offset array while BEQ models use four 1" (25 mm) beryllium dome tweeters. Both versions for wide dispersion, high-power handling, and low distortion promises to deliver audiophile-quality where it counts - the BEQ offering the maximum output and lowest distortion, the same performance as the famous James BE series in walls.

Using high output 8” (203 mm) aluminum cone woofers, the SPL8Q Series has an impressive 95+ dB sensitivity with bass down to below 60Hz.  Each soundbar comes custom sized to each TV, providing seamless integration to any environment. This combination of elegant design and high quality sound makes the SPL8Q Series the perfect no-compromise solution for designers and audiophiles alike.
The cabinet design features all aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and suitability for outdoor/marine applications. Complete with a custom fit and colored aluminum perforated grille, this Soundbar mounts directly to any TV with optional brackets for TV or wall.

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