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BE Reference Series

The BE Reference Series in-wall and freestanding speakers forge a no-compromise union between engineering excellence and sonic accuracy. From reproducing the most demanding and dynamic movie soundtracks to the most subtle musical details, the BE Reference Series offers the most passionate entertainment enthusiast a glimpse of what perfection might sound like. Crafted from solid blocks of aluminum, each cabinet is built by hand in our Minden, NV facility leveraging hours of precision milling and machining. Featuring a sturdy aluminum baffle and completely sealed enclosure, the BE Reference Series speakers are acoustically inert, delivering the most accurate reproduction while preventing undesirable colorations and reflections. The science behind James Loudspeaker’s heralded quad tweeter array, featuring four 1-inch Beryllium dome tweeters perched at precise angles, makes it possible to recreate a lifelike multi-dimensional soundstage. This technology also delivers ultra-wide dispersion, high power handling and extremely low distortion. Countless hours of relentlessly engineering BE Series speakers has set the stage for what can only be described as a life-changing entertainment experience.

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