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QX In-Wall SoundBars

QX Series custom SoundBars combine elegant, modern styling with James Loudspeaker's legendary audio performance. QX Series in-wall SoundBars offer a unique solution to the new OLED displays which can be only fractions of an inch off the wall.  These SoundBars mount in the wall and offer all standard James sound options - LCR, LR, mono, Centergy and the new LR+Subwoofer model.

As with other James SoundBar models, these can be customized to fit the width/height of the display, and finished in custom colors! The border-less aluminum grilles stand only 3/16” (5mm) off the wall, giving these speakers a clean, streamlined appearance that seamlessly integrates into any designed space. An optional flush-mount pre-construction board allows the grille to be flush with the wall surface. The grilles attach via grille cups for quick and simple installation.

QX Series SoundBars feature aluminum cone woofers with Santoprene™ rubber surrounds and quad aluminum tweeter arrays that deliver wide dispersion and reference-quality sound. The new quad tweeter array was designed to provide superb off-axis stereo performance, even in rooms with speakers mounted in less than perfect locations. QX Series SoundBars feature a unique three-piece installation method employing a lightweight frame, independent speaker body and border-less grille. All enclosures are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, making these sound bars a perfect choice for any marine vessel or outdoor environment.

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