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Q Series

The new “Q Series” redefines the in-room listening experience.  Primarily developed for hi-end two channel listening, these systems blend old classic design methodology with modern technology.  For example, the Q48 and Q60 have built in subwoofers with bi-amp connections to allow users to select the amplifier they prefer for the critical full range section, whether tube or solid state, and still use an independent high power amplifier, again a user’s choice, for the subwoofer sections.

Two subwoofers (1 per side) allow for full left/right stereo configurations. The James M1000 1000W subwoofer amplifier makes a great companion to these systems, requiring one per system for full effect.

These systems feature beryllium quad tweeter arrays for very high output, low distortion and unmatched reliability – and a very silk smooth top end. Midranges and woofers all feature aluminum cones with Santoprene™ rubber surrounds for least colored sound.

If you prefer beauty over stealth, a pair of systems with built in subs can be the beginning of a great home theater system.  Add a custom matching center channel and surrounds of your choice to complete the system!

The really great thing is that all Q Series speakers are custom finished, so you specify the color you require at the time of order.  Red, to blue to black, James is waiting to paint you a dream pair of these floor standing beauties.

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