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James Loudspeaker is dedicated to raising the bar of entertainment system integrated audio. Our soundbars are completely customized for every project to ensure that each and every client gets exactly what they’re looking for. Ranging from low-profile soundbars with only 1.5 inch reveal to large format bars that integrate large woofers for maximum impact, there is a bar for every application. Each bar is custom fit to the TV and includes custom mounting brackets to seamlessly integrate the bar for an elegant low-impact appearance. All our different size bars come in a variety of different formats from just a center channel, to a stereo or LCR bar, or even a dual monaural design using James Loudspeaker’s centergy technology to split the center channel between a pair of bars mounted to either side of the display. Coming in a variety of standard colors as well as an infinite number of custom options, there is sure to be a speaker that perfectly suits your home entertainment needs, and if there isn’t, we’ll make one. Apart from our variety of standard sound bar options, we offer a number of truly custom solutions as well. Whatever your home entertainment needs, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for right here at James.

Check out the "SoundBar Galleries" Page for lots of cool installations.

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