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As a custom speaker manufacturer, we don’t just make cookie cutter products. Along with several standard free-standing speakers, we offer free-standing versions of all our speakers as well as completely custom designs. Ranging from compact speakers designed for a desk or bookshelf to large tower speakers designed for high-fidelity listening, we’ve got the simple, no hassle solution that your space needs. Unlike integrated audio, our free standing speakers don’t require cutting into the wall or careful measurement in order to both look and sound good. With our expert craftsmen, we can make speakers that accent your decorations, or beautiful wood pieces that double as decorative furniture all by themselves. Complete with custom finishing and excellent engineering, any one of our multitude of free standing options is sure to put that finishing touch on whatever system or space you have. There are limitless possibilities of what we can offer to meet your precise needs for free standing speakers, both acoustically and aesthetically.

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