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Powered SoundBars

Powered SoundBars feature the new James M102 Amplifier - The M102 amplifier is a James Loudspeaker designed amplifier built into the center of select James SoundBar models creating a one-piece audio solution.

The amplifier features left/right amplification with each left/right channel being bi-amplified with 50 watts for the woofer and 50 watts for the tweeter. The amplifier is a biamplified design with separate power for the tweeter and woofer sections.  The design features sophisticated DSP processing to allow every powered SoundBar to have a correctly matched electronic crossover and full equalization to make these the smoothest sounding SoundBars you can buy!

There is a full complement of inputs, including AUX/Analog In (RCA Jacks), Coax Digital In (RCA Jack), Optical/Digital In (TosLink), HDMI-ARC, and Bluetooth.  Bluetooth connectivity allows for audio playback from any Bluetooth source such as a phone, tablet and computer.

A Subwoofer Pre-Out (RCA Jack) is included if you desire further bass extension with an optional powered subwoofer or external subwoofer amplifier/subwoofer. This output provides a full range summed mono signal. The relative volume of the subwoofer, crossover frequency, and phase setting must be adjusted at the active subwoofer itself.  The subwoofer output can also be used with optional wireless transmitter/receivers products to make hookup a snap.

The installation of the M102 is also unique.  It is fully accessible from behind the grille to allow all connections to be made while hanging on the wall.

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