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Residence - East Alamo, CA

Included Products: AT42-4 OW43-M SA63-7 BE806 SPL3-LCR SPL5Q-LCR QX620

Dealer: Lifestyle Audio Video Inc.

This East Alamo residence features unique applications of James Loudspeaker products throughout the home. To start, our décor-friendly Small Aperture® speakers are distributed in areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways – along with PowerPipe architectural subwoofers discretely installed on both sides of the elegant split staircase.

This outstanding design also utilized James Loudspeaker solutions in the home theater, with color-matched 806BEs, a custom-made curved SPL5 sound bar to match the curvature of the ceiling, and PowerPipe subwoofers disguised as ventilation grates. These speakers fit beautifully together to provide an immersive Auro-3D listening experience.

The backyard features a James Loudspeaker outdoor subterranean AT entertainment system coupled with our under eve (UE) series speakers, providing full coverage for the backyard pool, spa and lounge areas.

This installation demonstrates how versatile James Loudspeaker products can be when trying to find the perfect solution for unique applications.

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