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Presqu'ile Winery - Santa Maria, CA

Included Products: AL33 AT42-70 SA63-7-OLD PP6-M

Dealer: Metro Eighteen

Presqu'ile Winery - Santa Maria, CA (Install by Metro Eighteen)

PRESQU'ILE (press-KEEL), Creole for "almost an island," was a gathering place on the Gulf Coast for generations of our family. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ended an era. Our winery's name honors that beloved place and all that it represented: a destination, a haven and the easy rapport among all who "passed a good time there." www.presquilewine.com

When the owners built their new winery, they wanted to share their love for music with all who came and worked there. Also in keeping with the clean look, James products were a natural for every room and area in both buildings.  If you are ever in Santa Maria, they are a worthwhile visit - both for the wine and the music.

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