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James Loudspeaker is dedicated to providing custom solutions for any application. This speaker was specially designed for a home theater application where the client wished to put the center channel speaker up in the ceiling. The greatest difficulty in placing a speaker where it does not fire towards the listener, is maintaining the full range of frequencies even at extreme angles off the normal axis. Rather than angle the entire speaker and require large amounts of space in the ceiling, proper dispersion in this speaker was accomplished by angling the tweeters toward the listening position. High frequencies are by far the most directional, so angling only the tweeters which produce these high frequencies allows for minimal signal loss at the off-axis listening position. Using the highest quality components from the James Loudspeaker’s BE reference series, this unique center channel speaker delivers high efficiency and output while maintaining the utmost clarity and performance, providing even the most discerning audiophile listeners with an uncompromised top notch audio experience. If you can think it, we can build it!

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