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James Loudspeaker has a variety of proprietary ultra-slim drivers that allow us to integrate our speakers into some of the smallest of spaces. By using a convex cone, we are able to create extra space for the voice coil without increasing driver depth while simultaneously increasing our dispersion in the process. Rather than simply resorting to a smaller woofer—thus decreasing our efficiency and bass response—we use creative engineering to reinvent the driver, squeezing the same basic concept into a much slimmer form factor. Ranging from 3.5-inch woofers just 1-inch in depth to 6.5-inch woofers less than 2-inches in depth, our ultra-slim technology has yielded satellite speakers that defy logic with wide frequency response and excellent bass response from an incredibly compact design. And with our ultra-slim subwoofer drivers, we provide space efficient and versatile subwoofer options that can fit just about anywhere, revolutionizing the concept of full range integrated audio. With our full line of ultra-slim drivers, James Loudspeaker can push the limits of audio design to never before conceived levels of performance without compromising decor.

We use our ultra-slim technology as the foundation for James in-wall subwoofers designed to fit 4-inch stud bays. James has developed a 10-inch transducer which is only 2.75-inches deep yet has over 1-inch peak-to-peak excursion.

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