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James has been providing specialized and custom loudspeakers to the super yacht industry for many years.  These are mission critical applications where long life, out standing performance and visual acceptance are all a must.  During this time, James has developed techniques and processes to help ensure long life in the harsh environment of salt water and salt air.

All of our marine-grade products undergo a process which protects them against the elements in even the harshest environmental conditions. Unlike  many of our competitors that  use plastic or other inferior materials, we rely  entirely upon aircraft grade aluminum enclosures that naturally resist corrosion in most environments and provide superior durability and resistance to other elements such as significant temperature fluctuations.

To enhance aluminum’s natural resistance to the environment,  we also apply a heavy  application-specific powder coat to all of our marine products. Our proprietary drivers are made using aluminum cones and Santoprene™ surrounds, providing resistance to the elements and maintaining our elevated standards for high-performance audio components.

All hardware used in our marine process is made from high grade galvanized 316 stainless steel, the world standard for marine use.  But to further extend the life of 316 stainless, James puts all hardware through a coating process which applies a specialized fluoropolymer coating.  And to guard against bimetallic corrosion, James applies Tef-Gel to critical hardware.  The result is outstanding reliability and long life. For more information, click the image to read our Marine Hardware Tech Note. 

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As most of our speakers use a completely sealed box design, our crossover networks and internal components are protected  due to isolation. However, in products where we must resort to an open-back design, a heavy coating is applied to all internal electrical components to prevent damage, corrosion or electrical interference from the environment. Whether you are  looking for an outdoor entertainment system, a music system for your boat or a complete distributed audio system for your Oceanside getaway or super-yacht,  James Loudspeaker offers a wide variety of products ready for marine grade applications that will  deliver long lasting, high performing audio for your outdoor or marine  environments.

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