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James Loudspeaker specializes in meeting the unique needs and requirements of our dealers and their customers. In many cases this results in a custom designed solution, special finish or feature. Almost all James products can be customized to some extent.


All James SoundBars are custom sized to match the flat panel display specified. Not only does James match the width (or the height), custom brackets are included to ensure that the SoundBar is flush with the front of the display. For displays featuring a hanging or dropdown logo, the SoundBar is precisely notched to accommodate the logo, allowing the bar to snug up to the display body. This allows the bar to appear as part of the display in the completed installation. James offers a number of standard colors, with custom colors are available at an additional charge. And we can custom design a special bar to suit the most unusual applications. James has produced SoundBars with very high output capability featuring 8-inch and 10-inch woofers as well as bars with porting for hidden PowerPipe subwoofers. If you dream it, we will build it.  Below is a video of our SoundBar production process.



James Loudspeaker finishes its products with a number of processes, depending on the application and customer requests. Standard finishes include painting and powder coating. These finishes can be customized to a range of standard colors (check the website product page for options). Also, custom colors are only limited by available paint colors and standard powder coat RAL color options. We match supplied colors and have received requests to match everything from samples of wood, bricks, rocks, marble and paint - see the photo below of some samples we found around the office.

As another option, aluminum parts can be plated. We have supplied copper, brass and bronze plated surfaces to our dealers. We are only limited by the options available to us from the plating industry.

Custom colors usually require an upcharge, please call James for details.


As mentioned, all SoundBars are custom sized to fit the display or TV. However, we do a lot of custom sizing of our standard in-wall/on-wall speakers and subwoofers to fit restricted spaces. Call James to discuss your specific needs and we will provide a tailored solution for your application.

Custom Designed and Built

James offers products that are designed and built from scratch to best satisfy the needs of each client. To see examples, visit the Custom Design series as well as the news section to see examples of previous custom engineered solutions. We love a challenge! All custom designed products are price-quoted individually.

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