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With the advent of the James powered SoundBars (M102 amplifier), any product featuring this symbol is self-powered and does not require an external amplifier to operate, making it a one-piece solution.

James Loudspeaker's engineering team has been hard at work designing and implementing their new compact internal DSP amplifier, the M102.

The amplifier inputs include AUX/Analog In (RCA Jacks), Coax Digital In (RCA Jack), Optical/Digital In (TosLink), HDMI-ARC, and Bluetooth.

The external output is a Subwoofer Pre-Out (RCA Jack) if you desire further bass extension. This output provides a full range summed mono signal. The relative volume of the subwoofer, its crossover frequency, and phase setting must be adjusted at the active subwoofer itself. All crossover settings for this function should be controlled in the optional powered subwoofer or external subwoofer amplifier.

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