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4" Round Retrofit Trim Kit


The SA4-GRILLE-R-RF 4" Round Retrofit Trim Kit is designed to solve two installation needs.  First, when installing a SA model in a dropped ceiling, it is impossible to provide a clean visual cut in the ceiling board. The retrofit kit provides a 3/8" edge to cover the edge of the ceiling board, covering any rough-cut issues.  This is very similar to a retrofit speaker that has a flange to cover the cutout edge made in sheetrock, like our older FX Series.

Second, the retrofit trim kit can be used to cover any errors made in a solid surface cutout where a wood ceiling panel was not cut exactly or there was tear-out and the visual would not be appealing.

Grille Size

4 in (102 mm) diameter

Trim Kit Cut-Out Size

4.1 in (104 mm) diameter


0.55 in (14 mm)

Product Documents

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Sa63 4r rf

SA4-GRILLE-R-RF - Available downloads

Title: 4" Round Retrofit Trim Kit

Sa63 4r rf
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