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12" Powered Subwoofer

This product has been discontinued

The designation “EMB” stands for “Energy Multiplied Bandpass.” Energy multiplying is achieved by creating two precisely designed sealed chambers, a rear chamber with a high-performance internal driver coupled to a front chamber that focuses the energy through a spun aluminum pneumatically-coupled passive radiator. At various bass frequencies, the phase-coupled radiator is displaying a greater excursion and thus greater output than the internal powered driver. The high performance internal driver is housed in one of the two critically damped control chambers which store and release tremendous energy generated by the driver, which are then released through the phase-coupled radiator. This design reduces distortion to levels well below other active/passive or signal compared designs while at the same time increasing sonic output and impact.

In the past, when designing small subwoofers, small size and small air volume dictated design compromises that resulted in high distortion and shallow bass, thus limiting the performance. The energy-multiplied bandpass design produces bass as if the enclosure were much larger than its actual size. Now, one small subwoofer can produce clearer, deeper bass acoustics than any other small subwoofer. Simply put, the EMB1200 is the first small subwoofer to more than rival the sound quality of much larger models. Inside the cabinet features a specially designed 12” woofer and pneumatically phase coupled passive radiator, both with aluminum cones and rubber surrounds.  The EMB1200 subwoofer has been tuned to perform from 20Hz to 120Hz! The result of this redefining design is a fluid stream of high-volume, virtually distortion-free bass.

The EMB1200 also comes equipped with a 600 watt class D Plate amplifier, taking the guess-work out of finding the right amplifier to power this incredible compact subwoofer.

Frequency Response

20-120Hz +/-3dB


92dB 2.83V/1m

Amplifier Power

Built in 600W


(2) 12" Active/Passive


MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard)


Studio Black


14.96 in (379.98 mm)


20.55 in (521.97 mm)


15.59 in (395.99 mm)

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Emb1200 web

EMB1200 - Available downloads

Title: EMB1200 front

Emb1200 web
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Powercord %281%29

EMB1200 - Available downloads

Title: EMB1200 power cord

Powercord %281%29
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Emb internal 2

EMB1200 - Available downloads

Title: Energy Multiplier Bandpass Technology (EMB)

Emb internal 2
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