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James Mono 1000W (4ohm/70V) Sub Amplifier


The James M1000 mono subwoofer amplifier is a 2U, high efficiency, class D design producing over 1000W of RMS power into both 4 ohm AND 70 volt loads.  The M1000 is a hybrid design with an internal linear power supply to provide large reserve current to the class D output stage, ensuring powerful dynamics and tight bass response.  A full feature DSP front end can be configured via the 5-button controller and 2-line display on the front panel.  Firmware updates can be uploaded via the USB connector.

On the rear, inputs include left/right high-level binding posts for use with speaker output signals, left/right RCA and Left/right balanced XLR's.  A pair of left/right RCA outputs provide buffered zero gain signals to feed other amplifiers - useful for connecting multiple M1000's in home theater applications or an additional 70V stereo amplifier in 70V landscape applications.

A smoked front panel display hides the LED indicators which actually use printed words for "Power", Standby", "Clip" and "Signal".  The "Clip" indicator show amplifier clipping, or when the limiter is set, show the amplifier is limiting.  The "Signal" indicator flashes on very low input signals to indicate the presence of any input signal - great for troubleshooting.
Within the DSP, the user can save up to 3 complete setups, which can be recalled via the front panel or via IR codes - great for unique setting for movies or music for example.

Number of Channels


Built-in DSP


Nominal Power Output (8 ohms)

500 WRMS <1% THD

Nominal Power Output (4 ohms)

1000 WRMS <1% THD

Nominal Power Output (70V)

1000 WRMS <1% THD

Typical Power Output

1080 WRMS <1% THD (4 ohms/70V)

THD at Full Power


THD at 1W


Frequency Response


Frequency Response (LFE)


S/N Ratio

100dB Sub/ 91dB LFE

Output Noise

1.5mV Sub/ 2mV LFE

Input Connectors

RCA, XLR, Dual Bananas

Input Sensitivity (Unbalanced)

220 mV (RCA)

Input Impedance (Unbalanced)

20 kohms

Input Sensitivity (Balanced)

220 mV (XLR)

Input Impedance (Balanced)

10 kohms

Input Sensitivity (High Level)

2.6 V

Output Connectors

Dual Banana Jack

Line Output

Loop out - RCA - 200mV (Approx. 0 dB Gain)

12V Trigger


Auto Off Time

Adjustable 5 - 30 Mins 5 Mins Steps

Auto-on Sensitivity

3.2 mV

AC Power Req

115V/230V switchable


16.75 in (425.45 mm)


14.23 in (361.44 mm)


3.5 in (88.90 mm)

Rack Spaces


Net Weight

26.5 lbs (12.02 kg)

Shipping Weight

30 lbs (13.61 kg)

Supplied Accessories

Rack Ears, Remote

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M1000 front

M1000 - Available downloads

Title: M1000 Front View

M1000 front
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M1000 iso

M1000 - Available downloads

Title: M1000 Angled View

M1000 iso
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M1000 iso rack

M1000 - Available downloads

Title: M1000 with Rack Ears

M1000 iso rack
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M1000 rear

M1000 - Available downloads

Title: M1000 Rear View

M1000 rear
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48.01 KB 900x900 M1000_Rear.jpg
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