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James Loudspeaker designs and manufactures innovative solutions to accommodate the best in outdoor audio experiences and provide superior outdoor home theaters. The Omni89AT Omni-Cube loudspeaker by James makes a great addition to the AT Series (All-Terrain) by offering a full range omnidirectional alternative to the simple landscape speaker where complete 360o wide coverage and above-ground installation are needed. Typical applications include rock scape areas where traditional sat/sub combinations cannot be installed, or large open seating where full omni coverage is a benefit.

Rather than using multiple satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the Omni89AT allows a single enclosure to do the same job of four 42AT All-Terrain satellite speakers and a subwoofer, delivering the same legendary James landscape performance in a more compact above ground unit. Complete with 15 standard finishes and unlimited custom formats to allow seamless integration into all outdoor environments, this compact all-inclusive loudspeaker makes a great addition to any James landscape system where locating multiple speakers is difficult.

Performance comes from four James 4” proprietary all-terrain coaxial aluminum woofers with 0.75” aluminum tweeters, and a down-firing aluminum 8” woofer, all in a 5052 marine aluminum enclosure for years of trouble-free life.  As with all James landscape products, the Omni89AT is available in both 70V and 4 ohm.  70V models use high-quality, low-loss, toroidal transformers that deliver optimal quality, so your system provides James performance whether it’s configured for 70V or 4 ohm.

See the Omni48AT model if you are looking for a sat version to work with a separate subwoofer.

The units, assembled and tested in the USA, are designed to blend seamlessly into your landscape environment. 

Frequency Response



89dB 2.83V /1m

Recommended Power Range

Sats: 50 - 200W
Subs: 250 - 500W

70V Power

Sats: 70V (120W)
(30W Per Sat)
Sub: 70V (200W)


(1) 8” (203 mm) Aluminum Subwoofer


(4) 3” (76 mm) Aluminum Cone Woofer


(4) 0.75” (19 mm) Aluminum Dome Tweeter


17.48 in (443.99 mm)


9.75 in (247.65 mm)


9.75 in (247.65 mm)

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Omni89at4 iso web

Omni89AT4/70 - Available downloads

Title: Omni89AT4

Omni89at4 iso web
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Omni89at outside 1

Omni89AT4/70 - Available downloads

Title: In use photo

Omni89at outside 1
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Full snow omni

Omni89AT4/70 - Available downloads

Title: Omni Snow Full View

Full snow omni
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Img 8516

Omni89AT4/70 - Available downloads

Title: Omni Snow Falling

Img 8516
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Img 8523

Omni89AT4/70 - Available downloads

Title: Omni Water Resilience

Img 8523
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3.41 MB 3456x2304 IMG_8523.jpg

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