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8", LCR SoundBar 4" Depth, High-Output

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The SPL8Q-LCR-BE is James Loudspeaker’s premier full range, high output LCR sound-bar for large format video displays. Representing the ultimate home entertainment sound system, this bar offers a powerful punch in an elegantly designed package. Using the same quad-tweeter technology as the BE reference series, as well as James high output 8" aluminum woofers, the SPL8Q-LCR-BE delivers unrivaled audio performance. With an impressive 96dB sensitivity with bass down below 60Hz, this sound bar comes custom fit to each TV, providing seamless integration to any environment. This combination of elegant design and high quality sound makes the SPL8Q-LCR-BE the perfect no-compromise solution for designers and audiophiles alike. The cabinet design features all aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and suitability for outdoor/marine applications. Complete with a custom fit and colored aluminum perforated grille, this bar mounts directly to any TV using our custom brackets. Also available for wall mounting or configurable for other custom applications, this ultimate sound bar is perfect for any home entertainment solution.

Custom TV brackets, Z-brackets, and U-brackets are purchased separately. Blind through holes are incorporated into each bar for wall mounting. Also, the universal bracket for the SPL6 series sound bar can be used with the SPL8 series because both sound bars are based off the same piece of extruded aluminum. 

For outdoor/marine applications, order the SPL8Q-LCR-BE-M.

Frequency Response

60Hz-40kHz +/-3 dB

Nominal Impedance

4/8 ohms (Config. dependent)


96dB 2.83V

Recommended Power Range

50 W - 300W


(4-6) 8 inch aluminum


(12) 1" (25mm) Beryllium


5052 Aircraft/marine aluminum


6 standard colors


Custom / (Absolute Minimum Width: 61.25")


4 in (101.60 mm)


8.125 in (206.38 mm)

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Spl8lcr beq hires%28mock3%29

SPL8Q-LCR-BE - Available downloads


Spl8lcr beq hires%28mock3%29
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Spl8q lcr front with grille

SPL8Q-LCR-BE - Available downloads

Title: SPL8Q-LCR With Grille

Spl8q lcr front with grille
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Colors web

SPL8Q-LCR-BE - Available downloads

Title: SPL3 series colors

Colors web
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Professional Audio Video Engineering Uses James Loudspeaker products in Nashville Penthouse

Professional Audio Video Engineering (PAVE) in Nashville works with James Loudspeaker to outfit a luxury penthouse with 20 Small Aperture speakers, subwoofer and a 1.5" tall custom SoundBar.

"Our relationship with James Loudspeaker is an integral part of our business," says Stafford. "They don't know the word 'no.' At times I have actually told them that I wish they could train others."

"I can't tell you how many custom products I have done in the last 10 or 15 years with James," says Stafford. "Every time I throw something at them, they throw it back, and it outperforms what we really wanted. If other manufacturers could follow that pattern, I would be very happy."

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