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8" Woofer, 3-Way, Quad Tweeter, Ultra-High Output Full Range, Outdoor Tower Loudspeaker (Bi-amp only)

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The new James Loudspeaker OT88Q is a high-performance tower speaker designed to deliver concert-level performance outdoors. The OT88Q features a titanium quad array tweeter for wide dispersion and crisp fidelity. It includes dual 6.5” woofers for detailed midrange and its sealed bass enclosure with dual 8” subwoofers is bi-amped for a smooth and powerful bass response. The OT88Q's robust engineering and design allow the James Loudspeaker Outdoor Tower speakers to effortlessly deliver high SPL playback over extended periods of time.

The OT88Q is a bi-amplifiered design so 2 channels of amplification are required for every speaker.  Bi-amplification allows for more power delivery and maximum output capabilities.

Any Outdoor Tower speaker can be installed using our internal mount (a beautifully hidden mounting solution for permanent installation into hardscape), or external mount (a wider mounting plate, best suited for permanent landscape installations, or for moveable hardscape installations). For simplified installation and configuration, James Loudspeaker offers optional custom wiring harnesses. The speaker also has access through the front grille for easy in-field servicing.

This model includes the OT-BRK-EM, external mount for use on flat surfaces, landscape areas and burial applications. For a smaller footrprint when the speaker will be fastened to a hardscape, please order the optional internal mount, OT-BRK-IM. This option requires fastening to the surface.

Each OT88Q Outdoor Tower may be ordered in low impedance or 70V configurations. Can be built to custom height, up to 96” (50” minimum). Available in 10 standard finishes or infinite custom finishes options.

OT88Q-4 (4 Ohm Loudspeaker, ships with included OT-BRK-EM)

OT88Q-70 (70V Loudspeaker, ships with included OT-BRK-EM)

OT-BRK-IM internal mount (hidden base, optional)
OT-BRK-EM external mount (large base, included)

Frequency Response

30Hz - 24kHz

Nominal Impedance

Subwoofer: 4 Ohms
Woofer/Tweeter: 4 Ohm
(70V Option Available)


95dB 2.83V/1m

Recommended Power Range

Subwoofer: 250W-750W
Woofer/Tweeter: 100W-300W

(When wired for 70V)
Subwoofer (70V): 200W
Woofer/Tweeter (70V): 100W


(2) 8" Aluminum


(2) 6.5" Aluminum


(4) 1" (25mm) Titanium Tweeters in Quad-array


Aircraft Marine Grade Aluminum


Marine Powder Coat in 10 Standard Colors, Custom Optional

Input Connector/Terminal

(2) M19 dual-pin female waterproof connectors


10" x 7.3" elliptical


Externally Mounted: 50.25" (with feet)
Internally Mounted: 50"
(Customizable up to 96”)

Supplied Accessories

(2) ATE2-1M1P cables

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At85qti ba with grille

OT88Q - Available downloads

Title: AT85QTi-BA-EM

At85qti ba with grille
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At85qti ba no grille

OT88Q - Available downloads

Title: AT85QTi-BA-EM No Grille

At85qti ba no grille
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40.96 KB 900x900 AT85QTi-BA-No-Grille.jpg
At85qti ba im

OT88Q - Available downloads

Title: AT85QTi-BA-IM

At85qti ba im
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29.34 KB 900x900 AT85QTi-BA-IM.jpg
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