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The On Wall Marine Grade series of speakers is exactly what you’d expect from James Loudspeaker, high quality audio and durability in a sleek, versatile, under-eave design. The OW66Q-M is just one of these multi-use speakers. Boasting a compact design this speaker easily integrates into any environment, both indoor and outdoor. With the James high excursion proprietary woofers, and an ultra-low distortion titanium dome quad-array tweeter, this compact speaker offers silky smooth response across a broad range of frequencies from 40kHz all the way down to below 65Hz, with an impressive sensitivity of 95dB. This versatile speaker pairs perfectly with the James SPL6-BEQ series to provide a compact surround sound system, delivering crystal clear audio with minimal visual impact. It can also easily be used as a standalone on-wall or bookshelf speaker with or without a companion James subwoofer.

The OW66Q-M is constructed entirely of aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and durability, and includes an aluminum perforated grille to provide years of trouble free use. Blind through holes are incorporated into each speaker for wall mounting or brackets can be purchased separately.

Frequency Response

65Hz-40kHz +/-3dB

Nominal Impedance

4 ohms


95dB 2.83V/1m



Recommended Power Range

25 - 200W


(2) 6.5" (165mm) Aluminum


(4) 1" (25mm) Titanium Quad-array


Aircraft Marine Grade Aluminum


Gloss White, Satin Black, or Custom


8.125 in (206.38 mm)


4 in (101.60 mm)


27 in (685.80 mm)

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66que webrgb

OW66Q-M - Available downloads

Title: 66QUE front

66que webrgb
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65.60 KB 900x900 66QUE_WEBrgb.jpg

OW66Q-M - Available downloads

Title: 43UE 70V

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450.16 KB 900x900 43UE.jpg
63ow upper deck 1 900s

OW66Q-M - Available downloads

Title: 63OW shallow used as an undereave

63ow upper deck 1 900s
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452.67 KB 900x900 63ow-upper-deck-1_900s.jpg
Ue install pergola 2

OW66Q-M - Available downloads

Title: 63QUE Under Eave

Ue install pergola 2
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159.06 KB 900x900 UE_install_pergola_2.jpg
43ue outdoor

OW66Q-M - Available downloads

Title: 43UE Overlooking Spa Area

43ue outdoor
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559.87 KB 1350x900 43UE_Outdoor.jpg

Sound Waves Discusses Why They Love James Loudspeaker's Outdoor Tech

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